chayasar (chayasar) wrote in soapgatefans,

*incoming wormhole*

*glows through the Atlantis shield and becomes human*
I come to ask sanctuary. I know that it may seem a little unfair as I was forced to refuse help to your people but after my sharing with Major Sheppard, The Others forced me away from the planet saying I could not be trusted and this is the only place I know. That planet has been my home for over 10,000 years. I beg of you. Please allow me to stay.
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::eyes warily::
:: pouts::

do I know you?
*eyes* I say you can stay but it's up to Weir in the end.

Uhm...question...did you ever have a burning in your, er, private area? Because, I swear, I had a rash when I came back.
*glares at John and yanks him away from Chaya*

No more Ancient nooky for you.

... A rash? Where? *examines John*
*is yanked* Wha...hey!

I know not of what you speak of.
Oh. Huh. Wonder who gave it to me...

It would be heartless of us to deny you refuge here, this being your home thousands of years ago.

Just don't try anything funny with John again.
I thank you kindly

I promise not to. The first time was only because he has the strongest gene and it felt nice to be connected to someone similar to me
You are welcome. Major Lorne will show you to your quarters.

Good. *relaxes a wee bit*