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Are there any Chicago-based entertainment journalists that I can completely trust?

Hi, soapgatefans, I'm cassiehicks89, 47 years old, now a volunteer worker, and a TRUE soap fan. Let me cut to the chase with you.: I'm looking for a Chicago-based entertainment journalist who can interview me about my three topics that have LOTS to do with soap opera fans and music, knows ALL kinds of soaps-Web, daytime, primetime-and also knows ALL studio locations of them, so I can come up with a record label, to partner up a soap, or more.; as long as they're in the same state. To be candid, I'd love to have MANY multitalented soap opera actresses and actors to sign record deals, so they can be heard on the radio, sell millions of records, and shoot music videos. Also, I'm looking for that same person who's an event planner, can make many phone calls to places that are NOT in Chicago, while I can sporadically call places that are and e-mail to others, and knows my favorite singers' managers/spokespeople, so that most of them can become musical guests for my # 1 favorite soap, "All My Children"(that may return to ABC, as soon as the lawsuit nightmares between the network and Prospect Park are over.). I'd love to have a legacy, or new, character to sing special duets with those people when they hit the stage of The Chandler Media gala that was once held at the Miranda Center in Pine Valley. If you know that person, great, and I'll e-mail to her/him about my life and what my three topics are. If not, then, I'll continue posting the same thing on any soap community that I think is classy, unless someone comments under my post. Speaking of which, please feel free to do so, letting me know what you think of my ideas. Thank you all, and God bless. Sorry I'd changed my mood from "creative" to "frustrated" because finding a Chicago-based entertainment blogger journalist, or freelance writer s ALWAYS rare, and hat's why I feel frustrated about it.
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