Samantha O'Neill (flygirlcarter) wrote in soapgatefans,
Samantha O'Neill

OOC Post

Um. Hello.

So, I've not been around much (at all, really. ::turns red::). This is, partly, due to massive amounts of schoolwork, moving across the US, and loss of internet. If no one has any objections, I think I'll just sort of jump back into the fray?
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No objections here. I've had pretty much those exact problems myself, with the slight variation of moving out of the US entirely. Glad to have you back.
Ugh, don't think I could've handled actually relocating out of the US. Glad to be back, too. ::beams::


September 1 2014, 20:28:12 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  September 1 2014, 20:29:31 UTC

I'm really sorry, flygirlcarter. :( Say, why don't you check out the post I've edited today? Other then that, Happy Labor Day! :) By the way, I have no objections at all, with so many things you have going on in your life.